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BeoGeek are a computer, laptop, game console, tablet and general electronics repair specialist. We provide busy consumers with affordable repairs while maintaining a high level of customer service and satisfaction.

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BeoGeek provides professional electronic repairs, specializing in advanced micro soldering. We fix and repair laptops, desktops computers, game consoles, tablets, mobile phones, car key fobs, TVs, smartwatches, hard drives, flash drives, and much more.



If you’re a first-time client, you will receive a 100% off the diagnosis fee. That’s a 2000 RSD saving!


Only applies to laptops and small home appliances. Excludes all Apple products.


Same Day diagnosis

We at BeoGeek pride ourselves on our same-day fault diagnosis, you won’t be waiting for days/weeks to hear back about what is wrong with your device. If your device is delivered before noon, you will be notified of the issue and cost of repair before the end of the day.

Affordable repairs

BeoGeek provides affordable repairs to encourage owners to fix their devices instead of throwing them into the landfill, that way we do our bit in protecting mother nature for future generations.

superior repair warranty

We’re so confident in the quality of our work that we provide a 60-day guarantee on all of our repairs! If your device malfunctions or fails within 60 days from the time that you received the device, we will perform the repair again at no extra cost to you. The issue must be related to the original work order.

client satisfaction guaranteed

We love what we do here at BeoGeek, that’s a fact. But what we love more is your satisfaction! We go above and beyond for each and every client to ensure complete satisfaction with every repair.


Watch and learn how we diagnose and repair electronics on our YouTube channel. If you enjoy this type of content and want to keep up with our most recent videos, hit the watch now button below and subscribe!


Our easy and simple four step repair process.

Step 1: Faulty Device
Don't panic if your device breaks or malfunctions. We provide a wide variety of electronic repair services; get in touch with us and we'll give you a repair estimate the same day.
Step 2: Mail-In or Drop Off
Once you receive your repair estimate, you can either schedule a time to deliver the defective device yourself or mail it in via Post Express.
Step 3: Rapid Device Repair
While keeping you informed throughout the entire repair process, we will quickly and efficiently repair your electronic device using high-quality components and repair techniques.
Step 4: Service Complete
Schedule a time to pick up your device or pick a delivery option that best meets your needs after the repair procedure is complete. We'll see to it that your repaired device is delivered to you quickly and safely.


Black and white portrait of Triston Negreaux
Via Facebook

I honestly have been hesitant to have my laptop serviced in Belgrade after several bad experiences with technical equipment in the past, but after being recommended here, I have nothing but respect for the service and speed of delivery. Not only was my laptop serviced for what I initially brought it in for, but I got a thorough explanation of past issues and what I could do in the future to ensure the best performance for my laptop. There is a reason why this place comes highly recommended!

Portrait photo of Bojana Birac and her friend
Via Facebook

Veoma sam zadovoljna kvalitetom i brzinom usluge koju mi je pruzio Beogeek! Bila sam uverena da cu lap top morati da dam na otpad jer je tokom rada poceo da izbija dim iz njega. Po preporuci pozvala sam Milosa i dobila popravljen i sredjen lap top isti dan! Svaka cast, veoma predusretljiv momak i za svaku preporuku!

Profile photo of Ana Novakovic with pink hair
Via Facebook

My iMac was barely responding and Miloš brought it back to life! I’m so thankful for his expertise and patience. I was both stressed and worried, and he managed to put me at ease. I’ll definitely recommend him to anyone having troubles with their computer.

Portrait photo of Aleksandra Vitezovic smiling
Via Facebook

Beogeek-a mi je preporučila drugarica i iskreno bolji servis i osobu nije mogla da preporuči. Odličan lik, popravio mi je laptop brzo i efikasno, objasnio sve i izašao maksimalno u susret. Najveće preporuke!

Portrait photo of Zoran Sevic posing
Via Facebook

Izuzetna požrtvovanost, ljubaznost i profesionalizam. Niko nije hteo da mi pomogne u vezi spašavanja podataka sa fleš memorije. Miloš jeste i to brzo i efikasno, a što je najvažnije i povoljno. Sve pohvale!

Portrait photo of Tanya Madzharova leaning on a tree in a park with green grass
Via Facebook

Great job! I had a problem where my PC was very slow. I gave it to Miloš and he diagnosed the issues. At the whole time, I was kept informed on what’s going on over text. The PC was finished in less than 24 hours. This is honestly the best service in Serbia that I have used-fast, correct, and high quality. I would recommend BeoGeek to anyone who needs IT service.

Portrait photo of Sonia Oikonomou standing next to cream colored curtains
Via Facebook

Excellent service! Fast, efficient, and most importantly honest! I highly recommend BeoGeek!

Portrait photo of Rita Simon standing at the Colosseum
Via Facebook

Great job! Quick and honest. Milos is a great IT guy, You can trust him. He handed over the laptop less than in 24 hours with perfect condition. I can only recomment him.

Portrait of Panayiotis Michael Kokotsis wearing a woolly hood
Via Facebook

Milo is the man. If you need help with laptop repairs he is a real specialist and I promise it is hard to find such people in Belgrade! Highly recommended!

Portrait photo of Nikolina Nesic
Via Facebook

I hihgly recommend BeoGeek! My laptop was fixed within a day and I’ve received some great advice from Milos. Very professional and friendly.

Portrait photo of Monica Hutanu
Via Facebook

Highly recommended! Patient and very professional both times I needed help with my laptop. Many thanks!

Portrait photo of Milan Djordjevic posing next to the London bridge and river
Via Facebook

Absolutely amazing. Quick, efficient, wonderful service!! Don’t think twice, just go to this guy, the best service I’ve gotten so far! Highly recommend!

Portrait photo of John White smiling
Via Facebook

Fast & efficient service, very clear analysis of problems, very realistic assessment of solutions, excellent repair work. Many thanks – I can highly recommend Beogeek!

Photo of Jelisaveta Perisic posing with arms stretch out
Via Facebook

I recommend this guy because he is the best service in Belgrade and a very nice person. 😊

Portrait photo of Helio Povoas Neto and his dog cuddling under his chin
Via Facebook

Big up! The most professional computer repair guy I’ve dealt with in Belgrade, hands-down. Excellent service, highly recommended!

Black and white portrait photo of Gunnar Somby resting his head on his hands
Via Facebook

Best customer service ever. Used them to upgrade a Windows laptop. I was kept in the loop all the time.

Portrait photo of Emilija Marinkovic
Via Facebook

Milos is a great guy. I had spilled hot tea on my laptop and he went out of his way to try and fix it, which he did within 2 days. All recommendations.

Portrait photo of Dejan Starcevic holding an umbrella in the rain
Via Facebook

Crkao playstation4, zamenjen hdmi port, pasta i ociscenjan i sredjena cela konzola, a sve prilozeno slikama kao dokaz. Veoma ozbiljan i iskren, usluga profesionalna, a cena usluga vise nego korektna.

Portrait photo of Elena Sochivko
Via Facebook

Super service: efficient, clear, and high quality! especially appreciated all explanations in simple words to me. Highly recommend!!! best computer service in Belgrade.

Portrait photo of Eilian Wyn wearing his glasses and brown coat
Via Facebook

Excellent attentive service. Prompt and efficient. I have no hesitation in recommending Milos.

Black and white portrait photo of Dolli Melaine
Via Facebook

BeoGeek is awesome! Great service and Milos was willing to go up and beyond to help me solve my computer problems. Highly recommended!

Portrait photo of Branimir Rakic wearing a green OriginTrail t-shirt
Via Facebook

The user experience with Beogeek is so unusually good for Serbia, that we were even skeptical from the start – but I guess we in Serbia are not so used to really good quality services. Our experience was perfect and we have had two laptops serviced successfully with Beogeek. There is no question in my mind about where I am servicing my computers in the future – Beogeek is the place. 10/10


BeoGeek services & repairs ALL of the following leading brands.